Community Improvement

Business Curb Appeal

Downtown Mount Forest

Look at your store through your customers’ eyes. Pretend that you’ve never been to your business and take a tour. Give your store a curb appeal checkup.

  • Start With Parking Is your signage easy to see? Would someone that’s never been to your store be able to find it?
  • Take in Your Surroundings Is the area outside your store clean and inviting?
  • Watch the Signs Do your store name, signage and displays clearly indicate what you sell?
  • Make a Display Do your store’s window displays draw you in? Are your hours of operation easily visible?
  • Put Out the Welcome Mat When people enter your store are they greeted immediately?
  • Create an Experience When someone enters your store does it feel as inviting as it looked from outside? Are there pleasant sounds and smells?
  • Sell It In-store layout and signage are a science unto themselves. Paco Underhill is a retail expert to check out.
  • Keep It Clear Inside can customers easily find what they need; easy to read sections, prices and sale items?
  • Check It Out Is the checkout experience enjoyable? Do clerks acknowledge people waiting in line? Do you place tempting impulse buys near the register?

Go through this checklist at least once a year.

Business Facade Improvement Opportunity

Downtown Mount Forest Facade Improvement

The purpose of this program is to encourage facade improvements for privately owned commercial buildings in the Community Improvement Areas within Arthur and Mount Forest. Grant assistance is provided in a the form of a 50/50 matching interest free loan, which is paid upon completion of the previously approved work(s).

Community Improvement Plan (CIP)

Arthur Survey Mural

Financial Incentive Programs are in place to help beautify the businesses of Wellington North. They include: