Public Works

Public Works for the Township of Wellington North maintains the following municipal infrastructure; roads, sidewalks, storm sewers, water treatment and distribution and sanitary sewer collection. Public Works is divided into two departments, the Roads Department and the Water & Sewer Department.  Each of these departments has its own dedicated staff.


Water & Sewer


Related Procedures & Reports

Municipal Servicing Standards

The Township of Wellington North has adopted the following procedure for the design and construction supervision of Municipal Services:

Municipal Servicing Standards


Energy Consumption and GHG Emissions

This report shows the amount of energy used and greenhouse gases (GHG) emitted for the Broader Public Sector, i.e., municipalities, municipal service boards, school boards, universities, colleges and hospitals.

Public agencies play an important role in helping Ontario meet its conservation targets and reduce Greenhouse Gas emissions. Beginning July 1, 2013 the Green Energy Act, 2009 requires Ontario’s Broader Public Sector (BPS) to report their annual energy use and Greenhouse Gas emissions every year to the Ministry of Energy.

Township Conservation Demand Management Plan

2016 Energy Consumption and GHG Emission Report