Creative Economy

More and more small rural communities across Canada recognize that creativity, culture and quality of place can be powerful generators of economic development in changing rural economies. The Township of Wellington North joins leading small municipalities across Ontario and across Canada in seeing the potential of leveraging its rich cultural assets to grow a creative rural economy.

A major factor driving many communities to see the potential of culture-led economic development is a basic shift in assumptions about what drives local economies. A traditional economic growth model in which the attraction of large-scale business investment attracts jobs and people is being turned on its head. Instead, we understand that if we build communities in which people want to live and work, business and investment follow people, not the other way around. Places with strong community amenities and a range of cultural assets and entertainment options attracts people, which in turn attract business investment. With these conclusions comes the need for new strategies to cultivate cultural resources to drive economic development.

The Township of Wellington North Municipal Cultural Plan

Wellington North Cultural Roundtable

Cultural Roundtables have proven extremely effective mechanisms for advancing a cultural and economy agenda. The Roundtable is an action-oriented group dedicated to implementing cultural initiatives that is made up of various individuals from the community with interests and expertise relevant to cultural actions. Anyone interested in learning more about being part of Wellington North's Cultural Roundtable should contact Dale Small, Economic Development Officer at 

In this video, Gord Hume discusses the importance of municipal cultural planning as an essential tool for Ontario municipalities in reinventing and regenerating local economies.


AuthentiCity interview with Gord Hume from Greg Baeker on Vimeo.